How To Factory Reset D Link Router

how to factory reset d link router

When you are trying so much to fix the router problem, yet, nothing works, resetting the router is one possible solution to resolve any issue. Before you perform the reset operation, make sure you backup the data stored on the router cloud storage, as all the data and the router settings change to the default factory settings. Use the below how to factory reset D link router steps to factory reset the D-Link router.

Hard Reset:

  • Take a pin or clip or any other narrow, thin object and look for the small reset button on the router.
  • The button is labeled as Reset, if it is not, then search for the smallest button present in the hole.
  • Insert the pin in the hole, then press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  • On following how to factory reset D link router steps, When the WLAN LED goes off, the router reboots and starts to reset.
  • After the reset, all the settings change to the factory settings, the username & password changes to default, but the router firmware is restored to the current version.
  • To reset the firmware version also, try the crash reset on the router.

Soft reset:

Crash reset:

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