Enable WPS on Huawei Router

To enable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature on your Huawei router, you must sign into the web-based configuration site of the router. For entering into the setup page, you need to know the default IP address of your Huawei access point. Also, make a note of the username and password of your Huawei network router for signing into the login page. Simple guidelines on how to sign into the configuration website and turn On the WPS mode on the Huawei router are given below in this site.

How to Enable WPS on Huawei Router


How To Utilize the WPS Function Of a Huawei ONT -(Hg8045a, Hg8240, Hg8245, Hg8247h)?

Usually, WPS function supports three modes: Push Button Configuration (PBC), PIN input configuration (PIN), and AP PIN. Login into the WPS basic configuration page by following procedures given. Open an internet browser, type the IP address of your router in the search bar and click the Enter button. On the ONT, enter the login account name and password when prompted in the given field and click the Login button. Click the WLAN option and select WLAN Basic Configuration. The basic configuration process is done and now use any one of the modes listed above. To use the PBC WPS mode, follow the instructions given. In the WLAN basic configuration page, enable the WPS function and select the PBC mode in the pop-up menu. Click Apply. Now establish the WPS network on your STA (WI-Fi client) by pressing the WPS button on it. Once the connection is established on the STA, hold down the WPS button on the ONT for five seconds and release it. If the connection is established, then the light starts to blink on the ONT. To check if the connection setup is done correctly, press the WPS button on the ONT. As soon as you click the WPS button on the ONT, the WPS function on the STA must be enabled within two minutes. If not, then re-perform the same process. Similarly to use the AP-PIN & PIN WPS mode, enable the WPS on the ONT and select PIN/ AP-PIN in the pop-up menu of the WPS mode and click the Apply button. After that, follow the establish the WPS network on ONT as discussed above.

How to use the WPS function of an HG659?

  • Make sure that you switch On the Huawei HG659 router.
  • Tap the WLAN button on the Huawei HG659 wireless access point for enabling WLAN connection.
  • See the WLAN indicator to check if the WLAN feature is turned On.
  • Make use of the WPS Push button method for setting the wireless connection between your device and the Huawei router quickly and easily.
  • Before starting the connection, make sure that the wireless security mode of the Huawei router is set correctly.
  • Confirm whether the device which you want to connect to the router is WPS-enabled.
  • Initiate the WPS mode by pressing the WPS button on your device.
  • Within two to three minutes, long-press and hold the WPS button on your Huawei HG659 router for at least one to three seconds.
  • The WPS indicator light flashes. Once the light becomes steady, the wireless connection will be established successfully.

How to set up Wi-Fi on your GPON HUAWEI HG8247H

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How Do I Enable WPS On Router?

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What happens when you press the WPS button on the router?

First, press the WPS button on the device, such as a printer. After you start the WPS mode on your device, you must locate and tap the WPS button on your wireless access point. After two to three minutes, the router and your device will be linked

How do I connect using WPS?

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