How To Enable Ipv6 On Bell Router?

how to enable Ipv6 on bell router

Internet Protocol is the path by which you can send or receive internet traffic on the devices connected to the internet. All the devices on the internet are assigned an IP address, and it is called the host. When data is sent, it is separated into small packets and sent to the device, and the TCP protocol brings the separated packets into one big message. The commonly used internet protocol versions are IPv4 and IPv6. While IPv4 allocates the 32-bit address to the internet devices, IPv6 uses the 128-bit address. Now, the Bell routers have the IPv6 enabled or made default to provide the customers with the emerging technology. if you want use ipv6 to know how to enable Ipv6 on bell router

Some Bell router models do not support the IPv4, which you can easily identify by performing a test on the router.

  • Here you know how to enable Ipv6 on bell router, first, turn on the wireless network of the Bell router.
  • Connect the computer to the wireless router network.
  • Check the IPv6 connection of the router by visiting the official Test My IPv6 website from the browser window.
  • If the website opens up, the router has the IPv6 enabled. If it does not open, then the router does not support IPv6.
  • When the router cannot connect, see that you use IPv6 enabled internet service and try to connect the router again.
  • Launch the web browser window on the computer and enter the Bell router’s IP address.
  • Once the router’s login page opens up, input the Username and Password, where both the default Username and Password are admin.
  • After that, the router setup page shows up, click the Internet menu below Settings on the left navigation panel.
  • Make the necessary internet settings and save the changes and finally you know how to enable Ipv6 on bell router.

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