How To Disable Wps On Linksys Router?

How To Disable Wps On Linksys Router?

In this section we will explain how to disable wps on linksys router in detail. WPS is called Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It was introduced to form a connection of many new devices to a network in a simpler way.One of the many biggest benefits of having a WPS connection is convenience. When the WPS feature is enabled, you can easily pair devices like printers with ease without the need for a router password. However, you must also know that WPS possesses a serious security risk. When WPS is enabled at all times, hackers can easily shortlist the passwords until they find the correct one. This will only make a router like Linksys vulnerable.So, we recommend that you stop using WPS on your Linksys router to avoid security risks. Performing this task is pretty much easy if you follow the correct procedure.

Simple Steps To Disable Wps Feature On Linksys Router

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Open the default browser.
  • Click the address bar, type the Linksys router IP address, and press Enter.
  • When the Linksys router page appears, type “admin” in both the user name and the password fields (admin is the default for both).
  • Press the Enter button.
How To Disable Wps On Your Linksys Router?
  • The Linksys router page will open.
  • On the page, locate and click the Wireless tab.
  • Click Basic Wireless Settings.
  • Ensure that the radio button for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option is selected.
  • In the WPS section, click the radio button for the Disabled option.

Once WPS is disabled, you will need to use the conventional method to add devices to your wireless network. Your Linksys router will no longer be vulnerable to WPS-related breaches. Follow the steps as described in this article to know how to disable WPS on Linksys router. For more assistance related to Linksys router and WPS, click the CALL button on this page.

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