How To Disable Ap Isolation On Xfinity Router?

Access Point (AP) isolation simply stops the device’s communication on the network, and it allows you to isolate a particular device with which you can share essential information. There is no need for Access Point isolation on a regular network. It is better to disable it.Use the steps below to disable AP isolation on an Xfinity router;

How To Disable Ap Isolation On Xfinity Router

  • Switch on the Xfinity router and connect your computer to the router network.
  • On the computer, launch the web browser and enter the official Xfinity website URL.
  • Go to the Xfinity Internet section. Type the Xfinity ID and the password to sign in to the Xfinity account.
  • After that, select the Xfinity device model and continue to enable the public hotspot and save the settings.
  • When you enable the router’s hotspot settings, you also disable AP isolation on the Xfinity router.
how to disable ap isolation on xfinity router

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