How To Connect Two Routers Wirelessly To Extend Range

If you wish to connect two Wi-Fi routers wirelessly to extend the range, the second Wi-Fi router should act as a wireless repeater for receiving and rebroadcasting the wireless signals from the first Wi-Fi router. Follow these how to connect two routers wirelessly to extend range instructions given below.

Carry out these steps to connect both the Wi-Fi routers wirelessly for extending the range:

  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi routers are updated to its latest firmware version.
  • Connect the first Wi-Fi router to the power source as well as to the ISP’s modem.
  • Now, power up the second Wi-Fi router after connecting it to the AC electrical outlet.
  • Open the web browser on your computer or smartphone to configure the second Wi-Fi router settings.
  • Connect your device using the SSID and Wireless Password and navigate to the Router setup page of the Wi-Fi router.
  • The SSID and the Wireless Password is available on the label located at the backside of the second Wi-Fi router.
  • Log in to the Wi-Fi router setup page using the default username and password and proceed with how to connect two routers wirelessly to extend range.
  • Click the DHCP tab available at the left side panel and select the Disable radio button near the DHCP Server option.
  • Navigate to the left-side panel and select the Wireless tab.
  • Under Wireless Settings, select the Enable WDS Bridging checkbox.
  • Click the Survey button to identify the nearby Wi-Fi router’s SSID and BSSID.
  • Click the Connect button near the first Wi-Fi router name.
  • Type the correct password of the first Wi-Fi router in the Password field.
  • Select the Channel number from the drop-down menu.
  • While using how to connect two routers wirelessly to extend range steps, Make sure you enter the correct channel number of your first Wi-Fi router.
  • If you wish to change the network name of your second Wi-Fi router, type your desired name in the Wireless Network Name field.
how to connect two routers wirelessly to extend range
  • Verify your settings and click the Save button to save and apply the network settings.
  • The first Wi-Fi router will share the wireless network to the second Wi-Fi router wirelessly.
  • Now, locate the second Wi-Fi router at the desired location to extend the range.
  • After finishing how to connect two routers wirelessly to extend range steps, Connect the device using the new SSID and verify the signal range.

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