How To Connect To Wifi Using Wps Pin?

How To Connect To Wifi Using Wps Pin?

In this section we will explain how to connect to wifi using wps pin. WPS is a security standard to create a secure wireless home network. WPS was introduced more than a decade ago in order to allow the home users to learn more security options to set up the Wi-Fi Protected Access. WPS method is another way to allow the owner with Wi-Fi privileges to block users from using their network. The owner can also enable all-access pass to let everyone use Wi-Fi. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network usually involves choosing a network from the list of networks. This is how it usually works on your computer, smartphones, and tablets. But, when it comes to the WPS connection method, it is the most preferred method as you don’t need to choose a network or enter any password. On this page, you will be reading the steps on how to connect to the Wi-Fi network using a WPS Pin on your Windows computer.Ensure that your wireless router is connected to the power source and turned on.In these simple steps, you can understand how to connect to the WiFi using WPS method using your printer.

In this article, we are working with a Brother printer to make the steps simple for you to configure.

  • Select Menu on the Brother printer.
  • Select the following options, All Settings> Network> WLAN> WPS w/ PIN code.
  • The Brother printer LCD will now display an 8-digit pin; make a note of it.

Continue reading the below steps to know how to connect to wifi using wps pin.

Connect To Wifi Using Wps Pin

Steps To Connect To Wi-fi Using The Wps Pin On A D-link Router

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Click the address bar and type the IP address for your wireless router.
  • Log in to the router page using the default login credentials.

Navigate to the WPS settings page and then enter the 8-digit pin (as shown on the printer display).

  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • On the left side of the router page, click WI-FI PROTECTED SETUP.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the Add Wireless Device Wizard button.
  • Click the PIN radio button.
  • Enter the WPS PIN generated by the Brother printer in the field.
  • Click Connect.

Once the connection is secure, you will read a message saying Adding wireless device: succeeded. To get more assistance on how to connect to wifi using wps pin, CALL us and get instant solution.

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