How To Connect Sprint Airave To Wireless Router

Airave works similar to a cell tower. It is a base station that enhances the voice and data cellular signals, especially for personal use. It links to the Sprint’s network via a broadband connection. It makes use of your broadband internet connection via DSL, cable, and similar devices to carry the voice services, i.e., to connect to the mobile operator’s network. The access to this device is limited to 50 phone numbers only. For the network synchronization and device location information, the Sprint Airave uses the Global Positioning System (GPS). The CMDA encoding and the 3DES encryption security standards are used for security purpose let's see the steps to follow how to connect sprint airave to wireless router. A dual tone on your wireless phone will appear shortly before making and receiving calls, indicating that you are within the range of AIRAVE.

Connect Sprint Phone to Airave

Connecting your phone to the Airave is very simple. You need to configure the AIRAVE router and set a password. Enable the AIRAVE network on your phone and start using it.


You can reset the router to restore the factory default settings. However, resetting the router erases the customized settings that were set previously.

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In case the DSL or cable modem has an integrated router, clashes may occur within the AIRAVE’s router. Then you need to change the IP address of the AIRAVE router to keep both routers active in connection.

  • Connect your system to the home router’s LAN port.
  • Open a web browser and go to the router’s configuration page.
  • Examine the router status to know its IP address. If the range conflicts with your AIRAVE router and then proceed with the following steps for Connect Sprint Phone to Airave.
  • Link the PC and the AIRAVE’s router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Select the Advanced tab on the configuration page of the router by following how to connect sprint airave to wireless router.
  • Choose the LAN IP Setup tab in the advanced settings.
  • Modify the values in the third box of the LAN IP Setup.
  • Navigate to the User Router as DHCP Server section and change the values in the last two boxes of the Starting IP Address and the Ending IP Address section.
  • Locate the Apply option and click it to save the changes made.
  • Reboot your system to implement the changes in the IP address.
  • Now you can connect multiple routers irrespective of the difference in their IP addresses.

Connect Sprint Airave to wireless Router

Sprint Airave helps in boosting your wireless voice and 3G data services. Before you start the installation of the device, ensure that you have the components given below.

Disconnect all the devices that are linked to your router and remove the cables connected to it. Be sure to place the Sprint Airave close to a window or an elevated position. If you are living in a large home, use the external GPS antenna to get uniform coverage throughout the house.

Connecting Sprint Airave to Wireless Router

how to connect sprint airave to wireless router

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