How to Connect Linksys Wifi Extender to Router

Linksys Wi-Fi extender is a device that repeats the network signal from your access point to increase the coverage. The extender captures the Wi-Fi signal from the access point and then extends it to areas where the network is weak. The setup and installation process of the Linksys Wi-Fi Extender can be done easily and quickly. Tap the WPS button on both the extender and the router. Connect the Linksys extender where your router’s signal is strong. The simple instructions How to Connect Linksys Wifi Extender to Router are given on this web page.

How to Install Linksys Extender

  • Connect the Linksys Range Extender to a socket and then switch it On.
  • Now, go to your Personal Computer and select the Wireless icon on the taskbar to view the list of available networks and follow How to Install Linksys wifi extender.
  • Look for your Linksys Extender Setup device and then tap on the Open Network and Sharing Center option.
  • After the Linksys Extender is connected, open any browser, and it will automatically redirect you to the router’s setup page.
  • If the setup site does not open, enter in the address bar of the browser and then press the Enter button.
  • Start the setup process of your Linksys Extender by following the procedures that appear on the screen.
  • Modify the language if required and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Next button and the list of networks displays on the screen.
  • Choose the network that you want to extend, and type the password if prompted. Select Next to save the settings.
How to Connect Linksys Wifi Extender to Router

Connect Extender to Router

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How to Install Linksys Extender

How to Connect Linksys Wifi Extender re6300 to a Router

We will discuss how to connect the Linksys Wi-Fi extender RE3600 to the router using the steps given below.

How to Connect Linksys Wifi Extender to a New Router

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