How To Connect a Linksys Wireless Router Without The Cd

f your computer does not have a CD drive or you have lost your setup CD, you can still set up your Linksys wireless router. From the Linksys Support Site, you have to download the Linksys Connect Setup Software. To achieve this, first, connect your computer to the modem or to a network that has an active internet connection.

You can also manually set up your Linksys wireless router.

All the Linksys routers are not compatible with the Linksys Connect Setup Software. The list of Linksys routers that are compatible is given here:

Model Numbers:

  • E1000
  • E1200
  • E1500
  • E1550
  • E1700
  • E2000
  • E2500
  • E2100L
  • E3000
  • E3200
  • E4200
  • E800
  • E900
  • EA2700
  • EA3500
  • EA4500
  • Navigate to the Linksys Support Site.
  • In the Search field, enter your product’s model number. Click the model number.
  • Now, click the DOWNLOADS/FIRMWARE button.
  • Choose the Hardware version of your router.
  • Find the Setup Software for your system. Then, click the Download button.
  • When you see the End User License Agreement, select AGREE.
  • Next, save the Setup Software. Then, specify a location for saving the file.
  • Saving the Setup Software to the desktop of your computer is recommended.
  • Double-click the file that you have downloaded i.e., Linksys Connect setup file.
  • Click the License Terms link and read your license terms and information.
  • Check the box provided next to I have read and accept the License Terms for using this software.
  • Click the Next button.
  • On your setup screen, follow the first and second instructions. Click the Next button.

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