How To Configure QOS On Cisco Router

how to configure qos on cisco router

By using QoS (Quality of Service) on your Cisco router, you can help in offering both the bandwidth and priority factors to particular types of network traffic. Usually, the network administrator will instruct the network devices about the usage of bandwidth and priority.Configuring QoS on your Cisco router might be a complicated procedure. Let us now discuss configuring basic QoS for a certain scenario by making use of a how to configure QOS on Cisco router steps:

Assume That You Have A Cisco 871W Router In Your House For The Following Activities:

  • You are utilizing the router for Skype VoIP service.
  • You are using the same router to play Counter-Strike over the internet.

In case you encounter performance issues with any one or more of the above activities while using how to configure QOS on Cisco router steps, this is where QoS comes in handy.

Follow The Instructions Given Below To Configure Qos On A Cisco Router:

1. Defining the traffic:

2. Creating a class-map:

3. Creating a policy-map:

4. Applying your policy-map to the interface:

Service-policy output/input {name of policy-map}

In case you are using NBAR for recognizing traffic of router setup, you also have to use the command ip nbar protocol-discovery on the interface.

5. Downloading the QoS template:

Once you are familiar with the simple, basic steps for configuring QoS, you can go on to the process of downloading the QoS template.

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