Get Fine Steps for How to Change Wifi Password Huawei Router

So How to Change Wifi Password Huawei Router, you should launch the router’s web-based setup page. Changing the Wi-Fi password periodically is a good practice to safeguard your router network. Set a strong password to avoid unauthorized network access. Before you start the process, connect your computer or smartphone to the Huawei router for which you are going to change the password. Note the IP Address of the router. After setting a new password, be sure to click the Save Settings or Apply button. To know how to change the Huawei network’s password, follow the instructions given below.

How to Reset Huawei Router Password

how to change wifi password Huawei router

How to Reset the Default Username and Password for Huawei Router

How To Change the Wi-Fi password and SSID for Globe Huawei B315s-936/938

  • Power on the Globe Huawei router and keep it in the ready state.
  • Turn on the computer and connect it to the wireless network of the router.
  • You can also use a smartphone to change the password and SSID for Globe Huawei router and follow how to change wifi password Huawei b315.
  • Launch a web browser like Google Chrome on your computer and navigate to the Address bar.
  • Fill in in the URL bar and press the Enter key to launch the web-based setup page.
  • Type the default username & password in the respective fields and click the Login button.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Settings tab and delete the existing SSID. Type the new username in the SSID field and click the Apply button.
  • Click the Advanced tab and click the System menu.
  • Select the Modify Password option and enter the current password in the required field.
  • Create a new password. Make sure it is strong. Click Apply to save the changes. Now you can access the Huawei router using the new credentials.

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How to Reset the Administrator Password of Huawei E5573 Wifi Router

how to reset Huawei router password

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