How to change Cisco Wi-Fi password?

How to change Cisco Wi-Fi password?

Do you think it’s time to change your Wi-Fi password for your Cisco router? Or have you ever forgot your password? Then this is the page that provides you the easy and simple steps for how to change Cisco Wi-Fi password. Changing the Wi-Fi password is a simple and easy task to protect your network for security purposes and not allow any others to access your Wi-Fi. Cisco router has an administrative panel that enables you to set or change your password.

Quick Steps To Change Your Cisco Wi-fi Password

You change your Cisco router password by following the simple and easy steps provided below:

Step 1: Login into your Cisco router

  • Open the default web browser on your PC connected to the router.
  • Type on your browser, which will lead you to the default Cisco router login page.

Step 2: Access Your Wireless Settings

  • Provide the required details such as username and password and click Login.
  • Your Cisco router page will open on your desktop.
  • Choose the Wireless option at the top of your page.

Continue reading the below steps to know how to change cisco wi-fi password.

Step 3: Change The Password

  • Select the Wireless security tab and search for the pre-shared key space to type the new password.
  • Type the password in the Pre-shared key space and Save the changes.
  • When you save the changes, try disconnecting your Cisco router, testing your new password, and making sure it works.

What If You Forget Your Cisco Wi-fi Password?

In many cases, password and user name details will be provided along with the router itself. In some instances, if no password is provided or you have changed the password and forget it, then the solution is to reset your Cisco router to change or set the password.

How To Reset Cisco Wi-fi Password?

  • Make sure your Cisco Wi-Fi router is turned off.
  • Search for the factory reset button on your router, which will be on the rear side.
  • Press the Factory reset button and the Power button on your Cisco router for few seconds until the LED light starts to blink.
  • Your router will begin to reset, and the process takes few minutes.
  • Wait until the blinking lights stop.
  • Restart your router after the factory reset process is completed.
  • Now, you can access your Cisco router login and change or set a new password for your router and Wi-Fi.

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