How To Bridge At&T Uverse Router?

The Bridge mode in a Wi-Fi router allows you to connect two routers to a single network and thus extend the range of the network. When the Bridge mode is enabled on your router, the NAT feature will be disabled on your modem, allowing your router to function as a DHCP server without any IP address conflict. To know how to bridge At&T Uverse router.

Bridge Your At&T Uverse Router

how to bridge At&T Uverse router

If you wish to enable the Bridge mode on your AT&T Uverse router, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, connect your AT&T Uverse router directly to a computer using a standard Ethernet cable.
  • Ensure that you have firmly plugged one end of the Ethernet cable into the router’s LAN port and the other end into the computer’s network port.
  • On the computer, open the default browser and enter the router’s IP address in the URL field.
  • Press the Enter key to access the router’s login portal.
  • If you do not know the router’s IP address, click the Start menu on your Windows computer and type ‘cmd’ in the search panel.
  • From the search result, give a right-click on the Command Prompt app and select Run as administrator.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ and press the Enter key.
  • Scroll down to the Default Gateway section and identify the router’s IP address.

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