How to Boost Wifi Signal on Netgear Router

How to Boost Wifi Signal on Netgear Router

If your computer or mobile do not receive any wifi signals and your browsing is interrupted frequently, your Netgear router is to blame. The router might not be producing a strong or stable connection. The performance of the router depends on a lots of scenarios, for example

You have the option of updating the Netgear router’s hardware and firmware. It will modify the wireless frequency and helps you in installing other additional network equipment.

Here are some common steps that will help you in optimizing the wireless range,



  • Place the primary access point in the central location rather than somewhere in the corner.
  • You can take an example out of the public Wi-Fi locations having the access point mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Minimizing Obstacles

  • An ideal wireless connection should have a clear line of sight.
  • Some usual obstructions are the ball and the thickness of the wall that could lead to signal blocking.
  • Any metal objects can mess up the connection between the router and the computer.


  • There are many objects in your home that could lead to interference.
  • The microwave ovens can interfere with the wireless connection that is close.
  • Other electronic devices, like cell phones, Bluetooth devices, and cordless phones.
  • These objects can wholly or partly take in and absorb the wireless signals.
  • The weather can also be an interference.

Check Signal Strength

  • The signal strength depends on only one factor, the location. 
  • Increasing the signal strength would apply the settings in general.
  • If the signal is too strong, the neighbors will pick up the signal.
  • You can use the extender to boost up the signal strength.
  • Check the Netgear official website and browse for the best extender based on your requirements.

IChange The Wireless Channel

  • Most of the routers operate on a band frequency of 2.4 GHz, a range shared by many appliances.
  • You can change the wireless channel by opening the router settings.
  • Log in to your router login page by entering the default username and password.
  • Click the Advanced tab and choose Setup.
  • You can select the Wireless Setup from the sub-menu and then select the new channel from the Wireless network.
  • You can check the SSID name and then select the field to change the frequency.

Update Hardware

Update Firmware

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