How To Boost Wi-Fi Signal On The Router Without Antenna?

Boost Wi-Fi Signal On The Router Without Antenna

It is pretty hard to boost a router’s Wi-Fi signal strength without the presence of an antenna, but this page will help you in boost Wi-Fi signal on the router without antenna.

Impractical To Extend Router’s Signal Strength Without Range Extender

  • Removing unwanted obstacles from the router’s pathway will boost its signal strength, ensuring that the signal isn’t hindered by any of the physical objects in-between.
  • The position of the router influences a lot of on the Wi-Fi signal strength. Here are few tips to boost the router’s signal strength to its maximum.
  • Place the router at a higher position in a central location.
  • Position it away from the modem.
  • Establish a direct connection between the router and the system.
  • Check for any sort of signal interference due to devices such as cordless phones, microwave oven, baby monitors, security alarms, television remote control, and finally the automatic garage door openers. When the router and these wireless devices are being connected with the same wireless frequency of 2.4 GHz, the possibilities of signal collision are very high.
  • Ensure that the router’s frequency channel is set to 2.4 GHz rather than the 5 GHz because the 5GHz band offers larger downloads along with faster and uninterrupted network connection, but the signal frequency range falls somewhere between half and one-third to the 2.4 GHz band. Nowadays, most of the routers have dual-band facilitation and support both the frequency channels.
  • If you use an external signal boosting device component like the range extender, it will elevate the router’s signal range to its maximum limit.
  • Replace the existing router, if it is out-dated, and procure the latest device to experience high performance. Using the Wi-Fi range extender you can boost Wi-Fi signal on the router without antenna as follows.

Set Up Wi-Fi Range Extender To Boost The Router’s Signal Strength

  • Most of the Wi-Fi extenders are compatible with multiple router devices, but getting the one from the same router brand would be a smart move indeed.
  • For further basic configuration settings, check with the user manual.
  • Position the Wi-Fi extender close to the router and plug it into a wall socket to turn it ON.
  • Once plugged into the wall socket, check whether all the lights are lit on the extender.
  • Press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Synonymously, find and press the WPS button on the router to connect both the devices.
  • With the help of your computer, or smartphone, or the tablet, look up for the Wi-Fi network’s name (SSID) and start getting connected by keying in the password.

We hope that by following the above-mentioned steps, you would have gained some requisite knowledge in boost Wi-Fi signal on the router without antenna. For further technical assistance, contact us.

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