How To Boost Verizon Wireless Router Signal

How To Boost Verizon Wireless Router Signal

Are you getting frustrated due to the low signal strength of your wireless network? Increasing the Verizon wireless router's signal strength is not a difficult task if you follow the quick how to boost Verizon wireless router signal steps given on our site.

Solution 1: Positioning The Verizon Wireless Router

Change the Verizon wireless router's existing location to another location where there is less interference. Remove the barriers that restrict the Wi-Fi signal. Place the device that receives the wireless signal near the Wi-Fi router. It is suggested to use a wired connection instead of a wireless setup to avoid network traffic.

Solution 2: Using A Network Extender

  • The network extender receives the existing wireless signal from the Wi-Fi router and boosts the Wi-Fi range.
  • Place the Wi-Fi extender near the Verizon router setup and connect them to an electrical outlet using the supplied AC adapter or power cord.
  • On both the router and the extender, press the Power button and hold it for 5 seconds and proceed with how to boost Verizon wireless router signal steps.
  • Wait until the light on the extender turns into solid blue.
  • You can connect the extender to the router easily using the WPS connection method.
  • When the wireless connection has been established, the extender will start updating the firmware to the latest version.
  • Once the firmware update is completed, move the extender to your desired location.
  • Now, verify whether the extender is connected to the router by examining the Wi-Fi light on the extender.
  • Next, connect your PC to the Wi-Fi extender and open the default browser.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi extender's IP address in the URL field and hit the Enter key.
  • Once the login portal is opened, enter the default password to access the network settings page.
  • You can identify the password from the label attached to the backside of the extender.
  • At last on using how to boost Verizon wireless router signal guide, Configure the necessary network settings for the Wi-Fi extender and complete the setup to increase the wireless signal strength of the router.

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