How To Block Youtube On Router? - Simple Steps

At times, you might want to block a specific website on your router. You might have various reasons that lead you to make this decision. Whatever the purpose, the procedure to block that particular site will be the same. If you want to know how to block YouTube on router due to some reason, you can do it using your router's built-in tools. So, carry out the instructions given below to block YouTube on your router.

How To Block Youtube On Router?
  • Launch the frequently used web browser on your system (that is connected to your network) and open the router's configuration page.
  • Here, we have given some of the common router IP addresses:
  • ASUS -
  • Belkin -
  • Linksys -
  • D-Link/Netgear -
  • Comcast -
  • If your router’s IP address isn't listed above, then check at the backside of your router or in the documentation provided with the router.
  • Enter your router's login account information.
  • If you haven't changed your router credentials, then it will be "admin" or blank for the username and "admin" or blank for the password.
  • Continue reading to know more on how to block youtube on router.
  • You can go through your router's documentation if you don't know the default login information.
  • Navigate to the Basic Settings menu and search for the "URL Filtering" or "Blocking" section to block YouTube on the router.
  • On some routers’ pages, you may find it in the "Firewall" menu or in the "Security" section, depending upon your router.
  • Access the blocked list, enter the YouTube domain (that you wish to block), and click the "Add" button. Now, Youtube will be added to the list of blocked domains.
  • Click on the "Save" or "Apply" button to save the changes you have made in the settings.
  • Your router will reboot for about a minute.
  • After saving your settings, open another tab and ensure that YouTube has been blocked on the router. If you’re unable to access YouTube from your system, it means that the site has been blocked successfully.

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