How To Block Mac Address On Ptcl Router?

How To Block Mac Address On Ptcl Router

Like any other router, the PTCL router also allows you to connect your devices to high-speed Internet over a wireless or wired network connection. You can also configure this router easily. On this page, we’ll show you how to block MAC Address on PTCL router. A MAC address is nothing but a unique address of a hardware device that can be connected to the Internet. This is the default address assigned by the device manufacturer. Using this address, you can block a device on your router.

To do so, first, identify the MAC Address of the device.

  • For Windows 10: Open the CMD application. Type the ipconfig /all command and tap Enter. Look for the Physical Address heading and the data given beside it is the MAC address.
  • For Mac: Click the Apple menu. Select System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Wi-Fi. Your device’s MAC address will be displayed beside the Wi-Fi Address or Airport Address.
  • For Android: Go to Settings. Tap on the System option followed by About Phone. Look for the heading titled Wi-Fi MAC Address, and below it you can see your device’s MAC Address.

Blocking a MAC Address on PTCL router

  • Enter the IP Address of your PTCL router in the address field of the browser.
  • Tap the Enter button.
  • Now, your PTCL router’s web access page will open up.
  • To view the MAC Address of the allowed devices, click the Device Info tab followed by DHCP. If the MAC address you want to block is displayed in the DHCP list, copy or note it down.
  • Now, go to the Wireless tab.
  • Click on the MAC Filter option followed by the Add button.
  • In the MAC Address field, enter the MAC address of the device to be blocked.
  • Click the Apply/Save button.
  • Now, return to the MAC Filter window and click the Deny button.

That’s it! You have successfully how to block MAC address on PTCL router.

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