How To Block Mac Address On Arris Router

how to block mac address on arris router

Every device that has a wireless card or adapter has a MAC address. This MAC address can be used to provide or deny access to the device on a network. If any device is accessing your wireless network that you actually don’t want to happen, then you can definitely block the device from accessing the network. Using the MAC address for filtering the device is one such option. You can find the MAC address of the device you are going to block on your router’s setup page. Continue to read to learn how to block MAC address on Arris router.


  • Attach the power cord to the router and turn it on.
  • Wait until the router’s indicator light glows or flashes and then transmits network signals.

Router Configuration:

  • Now, open a web browser window on the computer and enter the router’s IP address to visit the Arris router’s login page.
  • When the login page opens up, type the Username and Password to enter the router configuration page and proceed with how to block mac address on Arris router steps.
  • The default Username and Password of the Arris router are ‘admin’ and ‘motorola,’ respectively.
  • If you have changed the Username and Password previously, you can input them to access the router configuration page.
  • Click the Login button to log in to the page.
  • Once the login is successful, the router configuration page appears on the screen.
  • Now, select Advanced at the top of the window and then choose the MAC Filtering menu from the left navigation panel.
  • Under Advanced MAC Filtering, you have to enter the MAC address of the device you want to block and click the Add MAC address button.
  • In case you have entered a wrong MAC address, then you can delete the MAC address by clicking the Remove MAC address button.
  • The Clear All button helps to clear all the MAC address you have added to the router’s block list.
  • For more assistance on how to block mac address on Arris router guide, click the call button available at the top to get instant guidance.

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