Get the Effective steps to Know How to Block Mac Address in Dlink Router

Blocking the Mac address is necessary for security purpose so how to block mac address in dlink router. If you have a D-Link router, make a note of the IP address on the device. To open a web page on the router, mention the IP address in the search bar. The system prompts you to type the credentials in the login to the page. Select the Status option. Choose the DHCP clients option from the list. You can view the list of IP address connected to the network. Copy the respective Mac address of the network. You need to find the Advanced option on top of the menu bar and click on it. Select Parent Control -> Mac Block. Type the Mac address in the corresponding tab and click the Add Rule option. The Mac address gets added to the block list automatically.

Blocking Mac address in D-link Router

how to block mac address in dlink router

How to Setup MAC Filtering in Dlink Router

The Mac Address Filtering can be set up with the help of the instructions that are specified below. The procedure to enable Mac Filtering is provided for D-Link Gaming Routers and other D-Link routers.

D-Link Gaming Routers

D-Link Routers

DLINK DSL-2750U Block Mac Address Router

Go through the procedure mentioned below to know how to block the MAC address on your D-Link DSL-2750 router

  • Launch your preferred search engine and mention the IP address as in the URL bar of your browser.
  • In the admin page, enter the default login details to enter the configuration page.
  • Locate the Advanced tab at the top of the page and select it.
  • The options related to the advanced settings displays on the screen.
  • Move to the left of the screen, locate the Parental Control option and select it for Blocking Mac address in d-link Router.
  • Navigate to the Parental Control - Block MAC Address segment in the center screen.
  • Select the button named Block MAC Address on it and wait until the page loads.
  • You will find an Add button beneath the Block Mac Address segment.
  • Move to the Time Of Day Restriction Segment and configure the options as per your requirement.
  • The options that you can modify from this page are as follows.
  • Enter a user name in the first column.
  • Disable the Current PC's Mac Address option by clicking on the Radio button prior to it.
  • Enable the Other Mac Address option and enter the Mac Address that you want to block while following how to block mac address in dlink router.
  • Mention the period of how long to block them.
  • If you want to block them, then enable the checkbox before the All Day - 24 hrs option.
  • Do not leave the page before saving the changes. Do so by clicking the Apply button.

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