How To Block Mac Address In Cisco Router?

Blocking the MAC address in the Cisco router is nothing but denying access to a device for using the network. You can block MAC address in Cisco routers using the Access Control List (ACL). Using the MAC-based ACL, you can block or allow any MAC addresses. To do this, you have to configure the ACL first. If you fail to configure the ACL on your network devices, then all the packets that pass through the router can access all parts of your network. If you wish to block a MAC address in the VLAN, use the command mentioned below.

Block Mac Address In Cisco Router
  • In the Command Line window, enter the "mac address-table static" command.
  • Next, enter the "mac_address vlan vlan_ID drop" command to block all the traffic configured on the MAC address in the specified VLAN.

Carry out these steps to Block Mac Address In Cisco Router using the Access Control List (ACL):

  • On your PC, log on to the web-based utility and select the Access Control tab from the left-side panel.
  • From the submenu, click the "MAC-Based ACE" tab.
  • Select the Advanced option from the Display Mode drop-down menu at the top of the window.
  • Under MAC-Based ACE, choose your configured Access Control List (ACL).
  • Next, click the Edit button and go to the Action field.
  • Click the Deny radio button to block access to the selected MAC address.
  • In the Destination MAC address field, click the Any radio button to apply the settings to all the ACE.
  • If you wish to block a particular MAC address, click the User Defined radio button and enter the MAC address and MAC wildcard mask in the required fields.
  • Click the Apply button to save the applied changes.

If you have difficulties in blocking the MAC address on your Cisco router, contact our technical experts.

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