Access Xfinity Router

The Xfinity router is a highly-reliable router that will help you connect your devices to the Internet. Once you buy a new router, you have to set it up with a wireless or wired network. You also have to log into the web interface to configure the router settings. You can do so by following the guidelines given below.

How to Access Xfinity Router

How to Access Xfinity Router

How to login to a Comcast modem?

What are the default login credentials for Xfinity router?

  • The default login credentials for the Xfinity router will be printed on the label attached to it.
  • You can also get the credentials in the documents provided along with the router.
  • You need a username and password to access the web setup page of the router.
  • To open the login page, type the in the address bar of your router.
  • The default username and password of your Xfinity router are admin and password respectively.
  • After logging into the setup page, you can change the default password.

What is the IP address of Xfinity router?

How do I enable QoS on my Xfinity router?

To enable QoS on my Xfinity router, follow the instructions given below.

How do I enable QoS on my Xfinity router

How do I enable 2.4 GHz on my Xfinity router?

To enable 2.4 GHz on your Xfinity router, perform the procedures as given below.

How to Change Router Setting?


Change the name of your network and its security key from its default values.

Since the default credentials are easy to find, you have to change them.


The following step is to select a Security Mode to protect your router from anonymous access.

You can use the WPA or WPA2 Encryption method.


Next, modify the Network Mode and Bandwidth of your router to increase its efficiency and performance.


If there are any kids who use the Internet, then set up parental control to control their access.


You can create a guest network to restrict access to files for the guests.

How Setup Comcast Wi-Fi?

How Setup Comcast Wi-Fi

How to Log nto my Xfinity Router?

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