D-link Router Setup

D-link Router Setup

D-Link Wireless Router Setup


D-Link Router Login

D-Link Router Default Password

D-Link Router Password Change

How to Reset D-Link Router

D-Link DSL 2680 Router Setup

  • The steps on how to set up and configure your D Link DSL 2680 router using the Configuration Utility software are given below in detail.
  • On your personal computer, start a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and then type the IP address of your D Link DSL 2680 router as in the search field. This will open the D-Link Login screen box on your computer screen.
  • Type ‘admin’ in both the Username and the Password boxes, and select the OK button for logging into your D-Link DSL 2680 router.
  • It is suggested to use the Setup Wizard for configuring the wireless settings for your D Link DSL 2680 printer.
  • After you sign into the web-based configuration page, click on the Setup Wizard option and then set the required settings for your D Link DSL 2680 wireless access point.

How to Block a Website in Router D-link

Procedure to check devices connected to wifi d link router

How to find network security key for D-link router

Lost D-link Router Password

Getting the password you have lost for your router is quite simple, just do the steps below.

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