Convert Netgear Router To Bridge

Bridge mode is a process of connecting multiple devices to the same wireless network. You can connect these multiple devices at the speed of 802.11 ac. To set up bridge mode, you need two routers. One router will act as the main Wi-Fi network, and the other one will be set up in bridge mode. Follow the below give instructions to convert Netgear router to bridge.

Convert Netgear Router To Bridge

Some advantages of setting up a Netgear router in the Bridge mode are discussed below.

  • You can connect your devices such as NAS, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and other devices in gigabit Wi-Fi speed over the bridge mode.
  • You can experience high-quality video and gaming performance in the Bridge mode.
  • To convert Netgear router to bridge,
  • First, perform the hardware setup between two routers.
  • Then, configure the second router and enable the bridge mode in its web interface page.

Steps to set up the main Wi-Fi router

how to convert netgear router to bridge

Steps to configure second (Netgear router)

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