Connect to Belkin Router Solutions

The Belkin router helps you to connect your devices over a network. To know to connect to Belkin router, read and proceed with the instructions given below. 

Belkin Router Connect N150

connect to Belkin router

Connect Belkin Router Without Password

To connect Belkin router without password, follow the guided instructions given below.

How to Connect Belkin Router IP Address

Connection a Belkin Wireless Router to a Cable Modem

  • You can connect your Belkin wireless router to a cable modem through the Belkin setup disk & manually.
  • Using Belkin setup disk:

  • Make sure to unplug the Belkin router and your wireless modem from their power sources.
  • Using an Ethernet cable, connect the modem to your Belkin router.
  • After that, reconnect your modem and the Belkin router to the power source.
  • Now, insert the Belkin setup disk into your computer.
  • Click the Install button on the main screen.
  • When prompted, click the Run the Easy Install Wizard option.
  • To finish the setup process, follow the prompts displayed on the screen, and click the Finish button on the final setup window.

Belkin Router Losing Connection


To resolve the Belkin router not connecting the network properly, read & proceed with the instructions given below to solve Belkin router losing connection.

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