Comcast Router Port Forwarding Not Working

If the Comcast router port forwarding not working, follow the below-mentioned steps to solve it.

Port Forwarding Not Working On Comcast Router

  • Open the Comcast Network settings page and select the Network option.
  • Click Advanced Settings followed by LAN & WAN, and edit the DHCP range to cover the Static IP address of your device.
  • Make sure that you configured the correct ports and check whether the IP address of the server is listed on the Router setup page.
  • If the static IP is not in the required range, the port forwarding will not take place.
  • Click the Back button and select Port Forwarding to add the correct ports to solve Comcast router port forwarding not working.
  • Now, reset the DHCP range to the default values. Check whether the port responds to the Internet.
  • Also, check if you can access the server from another computer that is on the same network to verify the Internet connection.
  • If the connection fails, check if the default gateway is configured in the server correctly.
  • If the Comcast router port forwarding not working problem persists, check the firewall settings in the router and ensure that it is allowing the incoming server.
comcast router port forwarding not working

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