Comcast Router Not Working

comcast router not working

Use the below given methods to solve Comcast router not working issue. Let me just start by saying that Comcast does not make routers. However, some routers are supported by Comcast. They are:

  • Netgear routers
  • Arris routers
  • Motorola routers

The first step to do when your router malfunctions is to reset the router. Disconnect the power supply from the router and wait for at least 20-30 seconds before plugging the router back into the power source. If this does not resolve the working condition of the router, let me walk you through the Comcast router not working troubleshooting methods to help you solve the issue.

Method 1: Test The Internet Connection

This method is quite simple.

Method 2: Reset The Router

If the router is working fine with the wired connection, undoubtedly, the error is with the router. You have to reset the router to troubleshoot such unknown issues. Follow the directions as follows:

Method 3: Perform Hard Reset

    What we saw in the previous method was a soft reset.

  • Now we will perform a hard reset, and the procedure for this is quite simple.
  • It is just another way of resetting your router and every router comes with a reset slot at the rear end.
  • Use a paperclip or any sharp object that can fit inside the reset slot.
  • Insert the paperclip and press and hold the reset button until you see the lights on the router go off and start blinking again.
  • This reset is not a factory reset, but yet again, you have to configure the router from scratch.
  • You can refer to your router’s user manual on how to set it up.
  • The hard reset will make your router to start functioning again.

Method 4: Update Router Firmware

You are now in the last method of troubleshooting. Here, you will be explained how to perform a firmware update on your router. Follow the directions as given below:

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