Issue: Centurylink Router Wps Blinking Red

Centurylink router WPS blinking red

The CenturyLink router will let you connect your device to your wireless network using the WPS button. If you find the WPS LED on your CenturyLink router to be blinking red, then you don’t want to panic as it is a common issue encountered by most of the users. Usually, when the WPS option is disabled, the WPS light will be turned OFF. If the WPS LED is in solid green, then it means the WPS feature is enabled. The solid green also indicates that your router is connected to the network.If the WPS LED is blinking red, it indicates a connection error on the router. To resolve the issue of Centurylink router WPS blinking red, follow the instructions given below.

Basic solutions:

  • Make sure that the WPS button is not damaged.
  • Check if you are using a device that supports WPS.
  • Make sure that you have pressed the WPS button within 2 minutes on your device.
  • Wait until the issue gets resolved automatically.
  • Check if you have enabled the WPS option on your router’s web access page.

Advanced solution:

  • Reconnect your device to the CenturyLink router’s network using WPS. If the issue persists, make sure that your modem and the router are connected securely.
  • Check if the Ethernet cable that connects the modem and your router is not damaged.
  • If damaged, replace the cable.
  • If required, reboot your modem and then enable the WPS option.
  • If the WPS LED still blinks red, reset your router. To reset your router, follow the instructions given below.
  • Get a paperclip or pen.
  • Turn on your CenturyLink router.
  • Press & hold the Reset button on your CenturyLink router for 15 seconds and then release the button.
  • Once the router has been reset, reconfigure it and then enable the WPS option.

If the Centurylink router WPS blinking red issue persists, contact us.

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