There are a few reasons behind the Unable to connect to your D-Link router issue. This issue may be on the router or the device. So you need to check both if you face a connection issue. Make sure that you have enabled the Wi-Fi connection on your computer or mobile. If you aren't aware of your network password, then it is not possible to connect the device to your D-Link router. The network signal must be strong enough to reach your device to fix can't connect to D-Link router. Switch on the Ethernet connection to verify whether the problem with the router or device persists.

Why Can't Connect to D-Link Router?

The following are the reasons behind why can't you connect to your D-Link router issue.

can't connect to d-link router

Fix the Issue D-link router Can't Connect to Internet

D-Link DI-524: Can't Access the Router Through

Go with the steps below if you are not able to access the D-Link DI-524 router through the IP address.

D-Link Wireless Modem I Can't Connect

At times you cannot connect with the D-Link wireless modem though you have excellent signal strength. To overcome this, follow the procedure given below to connect with your Wi-Fi.

Can't Connect to my D-Link Router to Remote Admin

You can access your router from a remote location by using the Remote Management option. There are chances where the connection to your remote admin in the D-Link router isn't possible. Therefore there are two possible solutions to sort out this issue.

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

D-Link Router Won't Connect to Internet. Cable Modem Alone Works Though

There are ways with which you can establish your Wi-Fi connection to work on your router that performs only via a wired connection.

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

  • If the steps given above did not work, then try the following.
  • In the configuration page, click on the Setup tab.
  • Select the Wireless link and the related settings appear.
  • Switch between channels from 1 to 11 and check which one works to solve D-Link Router Won't Connect to Internet.
  • Make sure that you do not select the Channel 6 which is the default one to solve can't connect to d-link router problem.
  • Save the changes that you have made via Tools --> System Commands --> Save All --> Back --> Restart AP.

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