How To Troubleshoot Blog-Verizon Router DSL Light Blinking?

Blog-Verizon Router Dsl Light Blinking

Here we have few effective solutions to resolve the Blog-Verizon router DSL light blinking issue. We are also going to deal with the error message saying “No DSL cable is plugged into the Router ADSL Port” while setting up the router for the first time. The issue with the DSL connection can occur due to wiring issues or issues with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The lights present on the DSL modem can actually tell us whether there is an issue with the wiring.

Steps to troubleshoot the DSL light flashing or no light issue:

When a connection is established between the DSL modem/Gateway (router) and your DSL service, the DSL LED will start flashing. While establishing the connection, DSL light should flash for about 30 seconds and then turn solid when connected. If the light does not stop flashing, then try these solutions below.

  • Use a DSL filter to connect all the devices to the phone line which also includes satellite receivers, fax machines, and alarm systems. These filters do not let any interference in the DSL signal.
  • Check whether the phone cable used in your DSL modem is plugged directly into the wall outlet.
  • In order to check if the cable is plugged in securely, you should unplug the phone cable connected into the modem and the wall jack. Then re-plug the phone cable back to the modem.
  • Try to connect the modem to a different telephone wall jack. Remember, not to leave the phone cable while moving. Also, shift it along with its power supply.
  • There might be some internal wiring issues. If you are utilizing line-sharing DSL which means your DSL and phone share the same line, then switch off the modem and listen for audible noise on the line.
  • When you are making a phone call, if there are any snaps heard, then it indicates that the phone company needs to repair the wiring before making the DSL to work reliably.
  • If there are any wiring issues inside the router, then as a final test, run the DSL modem directly into the MPOE. MPOE is nothing but a grey telephone box that is present on the outside of your home where the wires from the telephone pole can be found.
  • After trying the above solutions check if the DSL light blinking issue is resolved. If you still have difficulties to the Blog-Verizon router DSL light blinking, then get our experts help by clicking the call button. They will quickly guide you through the resolving instructions.

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