Steps For Belkin Router Wps Setup

Belkin Router Wps Setup

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a simple and easiest method to connect your wireless device to a wireless router. Most of the wireless routers and modems have the WPS option as a default one. The advantages of the WPS connection method are many. And the Belkin router WPS setup steps are listed below.

  • Simplicity.
  • No need for any information about network SSID and network key for the connection.
  • You can use either the WPS Push Button Connection (PBC) or WPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) method to connect to the router wirelessly.

Procedure to set up WPS on your Belkin router

  • From your desktop or laptop's web browser, navigate to the Belkin router’s web interface page.
  • Make sure to use valid credentials for login.
  • If not, there is a chance for an error to occur while logging in.
  • Now, on your Belkin router’s web interface page, look for the tab titled Wireless and click it.
  • If not, press the Power On/Off button located at the rear side of the router.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  • Enable the WPS option by clicking the radio button beside it.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Now, your Belkin router is ready to connect other wireless devices using WPS from the Belkin router WPS setup.

Use WPS Push Button Connection (WPS PBC)

  • On your computer or another Wi-Fi device, initiate the WPS PBC. You can refer to your device manual for the setup.
  • Now, locate the WPS button on your Belkin router.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for 2 seconds.
  • Make sure to perform this process within or less than 2 minutes.
  • Now, you can notice the Wi-Fi light on the router blink white.
  • Once the router and the device are connected to each other, the router’s Wi-Fi light will turn white and then OFF.
  • Now, try to check the Wi-Fi network speed on your device by browsing some contents.
  • Contact us if you need remote assistance for the Belkin router WPS setup.

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