[SOLVED] Belkin Router Wps Button Flashing - Easy Steps

Belkin Router Wps Button Flashing

Is your Belkin router WPS button flashing repeatedly? The WPS light above the WPS button will blink green while it waits for your Wi-Fi device. But once the connection is established, the light will stop blinking. In case the connection is not established, the WPS light will blink amber. To stop the blinking WPS light, follow these steps.

Solution 1: Restart The WPS Button Configuration

  • Restart your router first.
  • On your computer or mobile device, restart the WPS Push Button connection.
  • Within 2 minutes, go to your router and press the WPS button. Hold the button tightly for at least 2 seconds to start the WPS operation.
  • Check if the WPS light is blinking.
  • Wait until the wireless connection is established.
  • If your Belkin router’s WPS button is flashing amber, try to execute the next solution.
Wps Button On Belkin Router Flashing

Solution 2: Power Cycle The Router

  • With the router turned on, unplug the power adapter connected to it.
  • Disconnect the cable connected between your router and modem.
  • Wait a few minutes to let the router cool down.
  • Reconnect your router to a wall outlet using the power adapter and turn it on.
Belkin Router Wps Button Is Flashing
  • Reconnect the network cable from the modem to your router’s WAN port.
  • Wait until the router comes to the ready state.
  • If still your Belkin router WPS button flashing, try the other solution.
Belkin Router Wps Button Blinking

Solution 3: Update Firmware

  • Before starting, note down your router’s model number and version from its label.
  • Ensure that your router is connected to your computer.
  • On your computer, open the default browser and go to the official Belkin support site.
  • Get the latest firmware for your Belkin router and save it to your computer.
  • Next, go to the router interface. To do so, enter your router’s IP address in the address bar of the browser and hit the Enter key.
  • If prompted, sign in to the router setup page using the login password and click Login.
  • Click Utilities from the left-side panel and select Firmware Update.
  • Click on Browse and open the downloaded firmware file.
  • Next, click the Update button and wait for the firmware update to complete.
  • Click OK and save the changes.
  • Now, your router reboots with the latest firmware.
  • Check if the problem is resolved.
  • If still belkin router WPS button flashing issue persist, perform the factory reset.
WPS Button On Belkin Router Blinking

Solution 4: Factory Reset

Performing the factory reset will erase the settings configured on your router and reboot the device with factory default settings. This method is suggested when the WPS button keeps on flashing on your router.

  • Before you begin, disconnect the cables connecting the wireless devices to your router.
  • Next, locate the Reset button. Usually, the button is located at the back-side of your router.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for at least 60 seconds.
  • Wait for the router to reboot itself.
  • Once you have done resetting your router to factory defaults, reconfigure the basic settings.

You have now seen how to fix Belkin router WPS button flashing problem. For more assistance, CALL our tech experts.

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