The ATT router setup process of the is very simple. The manufacturer will provide a kit to set up the router and go online. Make use of the kit to set up the AT&T router and connect your devices to it.

ATT Uverse Wireless Router Setup

Att Router Setup


att router login

How To Connect A Router To Att U-verse Gateway

Method 1

Method 2

ATT Router Default Password

Do the steps below to change the default password of the AT&T router.

port forward ATT router

How To Port Forward Att Router

To port forward ATT router, perform the instructions given below.

  • Launch a web browser on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Click anywhere in the search field and type the Default Gateway keyword.
  • Now a window appears. Search and locate the Firewall tab to port forward ATT router.
  • Select the NAT or Gaming option from the Firewall tab.
  • Type your Device Access Code in the given field when prompted.
  • You can find the Device Access Code on your modem or router.
  • Click the Continue button. Select the Add or Edit Services option in the Custom Services drop-down menu.
  • Set the Service features as per your need and click the Return to NAT or Gaming button.
  • Select the service type you need in the Application Host Entry section to port forward ATT router.
  • Similarly, select the DVR or NVR’s IP address in the Needed by Devices section.
  • Click the Add button. Check and make sure that you have selected the correct port.
  • Now, go to site and check if all your ports are selected.

Reset ATT Router

To reset ATT router, perform the instructions given below.

How To Change Att Uverse Router Name

To change ATT Uverse router name, perform the instructions given below.

ATT Router Not Working

To troubleshoot the ATT router not working issue, follow the instructions given below.

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