Atlantic Broadband Router Setup

Atlantic Broadband is one of the top 10 cable operators of the United States. The services offered by Atlantic Broadband are TV, Internet, and phone services. These services are utilized by approximately 307000 television service customers. Routers can work with Atlantic Broadband are NETGEAR CM500 Cable Modem, NETGEAR CM100 Cable Modem, NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1900 C7000 Wi-Fi Router Cable Modem, TP-Link router, Linksys router, and more. Let's see the procedure for Atlantic broadband router setup.

Perform the instructions given below to configure a router with an Atlantic Broadband connection.

  • First, switch off your modem if it is turned ON.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the modem.
  • Now, place the wireless router, modem, and your desktop or laptop device within a short-range.
  • Link your modem to the router’s WAN port.
  • After that, connect the router to your desktop’s Ethernet port to proceed with Atlantic broadband router setup.
  • Now, refer your router’s user guide or the installation CD and set it up prior to use.
  • While configuring your router settings, make sure to select the Automatic Configuration or DHCP option as the connection type.
  • Once it is done, the Atlantic Broadband connection will automatically send the connection information to your router setup.
  • Now, power cycle your modem and router by following the Atlantic broadband router setup instructions given below.
  • Disconnect the router from the power source by unplugging the power cable from it.
  • Turn off the modem.
  • Disconnect the power cable from your modem.
  • Leave the modem disconnected for 30 seconds.
  • After that, if you have Atlantic Broadband phone service, then make sure to reset your phone modem.
  • After that, reconnect the power cable into your modem and the router.
  • Wait for 20 seconds and then turn on the modem and router.
atlantic broadband router setup

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