Aterm Router Setup

For learning about an Aterm router setup, let us take the Aterm W300P router as an example. Aterm W300P, launched by NEC, is a portable Wi-Fi router. Weighing about 20g, this router is a user-cum-travel-friendly device. The router is available in both white and black colors.Let us look into the Aterm router setup procedure for an Aterm W300P router.

How To Setup Aterm Router

aterm router setup

Powering the Aterm W300P Router:

et us look into each of the above methods in detail:

Power supply from a computer:

Power supply by making use of an AC adapter:

Connecting to the Aterm W300P Router with Wi-Fi:

If you are using a Windows 8 computer:

If you are making use of a Mac OS computer:

The instructions given below are for OS X v10.8. version:

If you are using an iOS device:

The instructions given below are for iPhone users who have the iOS 6.1 version:

If you are using an Android device:

The steps given here are for MEDIAS having the Android 4.2 version:

Various Parts And Functions Of The Aterm W300P Router:


  • If the POWER lamp illuminates in green, it means that the Power is on.
  • If it blinks in green, it indicates setting using WPS.
  • If the same POWER lamp illuminates in orange, it indicates the updating of the firmware version.
  • It could also mean that the Wi-Fi setting utilizing WPS has been completed for Aterm router setup.
  • NOTE: The POWER lamp also illuminates in orange while overwriting the firmware automatically. Please avoid turning off the power. Turning off the power might damage your Aterm W300P router.
  • In case the POWER lamp illuminates in red, it indicates that WPS has failed.
  • If the lamp blinks in red, it shows that the router is preparing to reset.
  • The lamp blinking in red might also indicate that the Wi-Fi setting using WPS has failed.
  • When the POWER lamp is in the off position, it merely means that the router’s power is off.


AIR Lamp:

WAN Lamp:

Power Connector:

SET Button:

RESET Switch:

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