Why Asus Wireless Router Dropping The Connection?

Asus wireless router dropping the connection

Not all the wireless routers that are coming in the market today are in great condition, and not all the electrical devices are perfect with zero faults. While using an Asus router, you will experience a frequent drop in connection. The connections error can be a result of a damaged cable or any internal software problems. However, you can solve the Asus wireless router dropping the connection by following the troubleshooting techniques mentioned here.

Configure the wireless settings:

Turn on your Windows computer.

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Enter the Asus router’s IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • Now, type the login credentials of the router (the default login credentials are present at the back end of the router).
  • The default login credentials are:
  • Username- admin
  • Password- admin/ password
  • Once you log in to the router’s page, you can make the necessary changes to fix the connection error.
  • Reset the router settings by performing a factory reset now check the Asus wireless router dropping the connection issue is resolved.
  • Change the network name and the password, save changes, and restart the router to see if the error is resolved.
  • Change the security type to WPA or WPA2 and this might make the router’s connection stable.
  • On the router’s page, click the Security option from the left pane and select WPA/WPA2–Personal (PSK)
  • Enter a pre-shared key in the field and click the Apply changes button.
  • If the connection problem has not been solved, then press and hold the reset button in the router for at least 30 seconds to reset it to factory defaults.
  • Log in to the router page from the browser and set up the router from scratch.

Low signal quality:

  • The placement of the router can always be an issue and could lead to signal dropping in routers. Make sure to place the router at the center of your home and avoid placing it next to walls or glass objects that could block the signals.
  • Keep the router away from electronic devices like microwaves, TV, and radio because the signals from those devices could interrupt the router signals.


  • Interference with other wireless devices can also cause a huge conflict and also cause a drop in the signal.
  • The devices that are using the same frequency can come in interference with your Asus router’s signal.
  • You can either relocate your router or change the wireless channel on the router settings page.

To change the wireless channel in the router, follow the steps given below.

  • Type the router's IP address in the address bar in a web browser and press the enter button.
  • Enter the default login credentials to access the router’s web interface.
  • Now, click Wireless and select Channel and SSID.
  • In the wireless channel drop-down list, select the channel 1-13 and click the Apply Changes button.

Power outage:

When you face sudden power interruptions, it can also lead to dropping signals. Once the power supply is back, turn off the router's power source. Unplug and wait for at least 10 seconds to turn it back on. Now, if you wish to fix the issue Asus wireless router dropping the connection, then you have two options:

Reset the router configuration

  • Log in to the router’s web interface.
  • Click the Utilities option and select the Restore factory defaults option.
  • Click the Restore Defaults button.
  • The router will be reset now. Again, set up the router from the beginning.

Upgrade router firmware:

  • On your computer’s web browser, go to the router’s web interface using its IP address.
  • Click the Utilities option and select Firmware update.
  • Click the OK button if there are any upgrades.
  • Click the OK button when the prompt says not to turn off or reboot your computer while upgrading the firmware.
  • Once the upgrade is completed, wait for a few seconds and then reboot the computer.

This could probably fix the Asus wireless router dropping the connection issue on router.

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