How To Perform The Asus RT-N14UHP Router Setup?

Asus RT-N14UHP Router Setup

Asus RT-N14UHP is a wireless-N high power & three-in router that can be used as a  Wi-Fi router, access point,  and  repeater.  This router offers some cool features like  time scheduling, VPN server,  and  IPTV  support. Configuring this router is quite simple and easy. The section below explains how to perform the Asus RT-N14UHP router setup for the first time.

First, check if you have unpacked the router and mounted it correctly using the start here guide. To get remote assistance on the same, click the Call  button available on this page.

Check whether your computer (that you wish to connect to the router) meets the following requirements.

  • An Ethernet RJ-45 (LAN) 
  • Wireless capability: IEEE 802.11b/g/n Service: TCP/IP
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari,  or Google Chrome

If you are going to set up your router for a wireless connection, then make sure to disable the proxy server  (if configured) &  dial-up networking  (Windows 7) options and enable the  Obtain an IP address automatically  option.

Now, let’s see the  Asus RT-N14UHP setup  in detail.

Step 1: Physical Setup

Wired Connection

Wired connection
  • Using a network cable, connect your Asus RT-N14UHP router to the modem.
  • Connect your computer to the router using the provided bundled network cable.
  • Turn on all threedevices; the router, modem, and computer. 
  • Once the network LED on your router’s control panel becomesstable, go to the router’s GUI and configure the router settings.

Wireless Connection

Wireless connection
  • On your computer, install the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless adapter.
  • Connect your modem and the Asus router using the bundled network cable.
  • Connectyour modem and the router to a power source.
  • Turn on the router, modem, and computer.
  • As discussed above, enable and disable the corresponding options on your computer to configure the wireless setup.

Scroll down this page to know the remaining steps of the setup.

Step 2: Configuring The Router Settings

  • Access the Asus RT-N14UHP router’s web page using its IP address or default domain name.
  • If prompted, type your router’s default credentials in the given fields and click on the  OK   button.
  • To configure the internet connection, click on the  Quick Internet Setup  option available on the main screen of the router. Usually, the Quick Internet Setup page will launch automatically if youare configuring the internet settings for the first time. If it fails, then you can open the page by clicking on the  QIS  option.
  • Ifprompted, create a new password for your network and click on the  OK 
  • Now, select a mode from the displayed options; Wireless router mode, Repeater mode,  or  Access mode.
  • Click on the  Next   button.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the  Asus RT-N14UHP setup.

To get remote assistance in performing the Asus RT-N14UHP router setup, contact us.

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