Asus RT-N12HP Router Setup - Complete Guide

Asus RT-N12HP Router Setup


If you're surfing for an affordable yet fast router for your home, then you can go for the Asus RT-N12HP wireless router. The router is specially designed for medium to large home offices with solid feature sets, including loads of management settings and protection against malicious websites and infected clients. The guide given on this page will assist you for Asus rt-n12hp router setup.

The router package includes the following:

  • Asus RT-N12HP Router
  • Network Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

Now, you can make use of these steps to set up the Asus RT-N12HP router for the first time.

  • Unpack the router and take out all the accessories along with the router.
  • Make sure you have a modem with an active Internet connection.
  • If you have connected the modem to your computer, disconnect it and turn off the modem.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and plug it into one of the ports on your modem.
  • Plug the cable’s other end into the Internet port on your Asus router setup.
  • Now, connect your computer to the router’s LAN port using another Ethernet cable for Asus rt-n12hp router setup.
  • Connect the modem and router to the power supply and turn on the devices.
  • Make sure to extend the antennas on the router.
  • On your computer, open a web browser and this should launch the router’s Quick Internet Setup (QIS).
  • If QIS doesn’t appear, type the IP address of the router in the browser’s address bar.
  • You can find the router’s default IP address on its label.
  • In the user interface, you will see the login page. Enter admin as the username and password.
  • When you are prompted to enter a new password for the admin user, enter it and click Next .
  • In the next step, QIS will try to identify your Internet connection type. If you wish, you can choose your preferred connection type.
  • To set up the Internet connection, the router would prompt for the credentials provided by your ISP.
  • In the next step, enter the SSID and password for your Asus RT-N12HP router’s wireless network.
  • Follow the remaining steps to complete the router setup.

Once you have completed the Asus RT-N12HP router setup, you can connect to the router wirelessly and access the Internet.

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