How To Perform The Asus RT-N10P Router Setup?

Asus RT-N10P Router Setup

Asus RT-N10P is a wireless N router that offers a maximum data speed of 150 Mbps. Using this router, you can connect your computer or smartphone over a wired or wireless network. It is specially designed for small and home office use. Are you struggling in performing the Asus RT-N10P router setup for the first time? Then, scroll down this page.

Things To Be Check Before Setup

  • Make sure that you have unpacked your Asus router properly.
  • Check whether the components such as network cable, power adapter, quick start guide, and warranty card are provided along with the Asus router. If not, contact your router dealer or the manufacturer to get the missing one.
  • Confirm that your modem is turned on.
  • Place the router close to your modem.
  • Make sure not to keep the router closer to any electronic appliance.

Steps To Setup Your Asus RT-N10P Router

You can set up the Asus RT-N10P router over a wired and wireless connection. The below section explains both the methods in detail. Based on your connection type selection, perform the necessary steps to set up your router.

Wired Connection

Step 1: Physical Setup

  • Plug the power cable of the router into an electrical outlet.
  • Using the bundled Ethernet cable, connect your router to the computer.
  • Similarly, using another bundled Ethernet cable, connect your Asus router to the modem.
  • Now, turn on your router, modem, and computer.
Asus Rt-N10p Wired Setup

Step 2: Configuring Router Settings Using Web-Based User Interface

  • On your computer (that is connected to your Asus router), open a web browser.
  • Type the router’s IP address in the address field and tap Enter.
  • In the Login dialog box, type your router credentials and then click the OK button.
Configure Asus Rt-N10p Using Web-Based User Interface
  • Now, to configure the internet connection settings, click on the Quick Internet Setup icon.
  • Similarly, configure the other router settings correctly as per your needs.
Setting Up Your Asus Rt-N10p Router

Wireless Connection

Before setting up the wireless router, disable the proxy servers and configure the TCP/IP settings (to automatically obtain an IP address) on your computer.

Physical Setup

  • Connect your Asus router to the power adapter.
  • Using the bundled Ethernet cable, connect your router to the modem.
  • Similarly, plug your modem into an electrical outlet.
  • Turn on the router and modem.
  • On your computer, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the default SSID of the router.
Asus Rt-N10p Wireless Setup

Configuring Router Settings Using QIS With Auto-Detection

  • On your computer, open a browser.
  • Now, your Asus router’s QIS page will open automatically.
  • Click the Next button.
Configure Asus Rt-N10p Router Using QIS
  • If prompted, create and enter the new router network password in the given field.
  • Choose the Wireless router mode and configure the router settings by following the on-screen instructions.

To get remote assistance regarding the Asus RT-N10P router setup, contact us.

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