How To Configure Asus Rt-Ac3100 Router Setup?

Asus Rt-Ac3100 Router Setup

Asus Rt-Ac3100 Router Setup

Asus RT-AC3100 takes your wireless network to the next level. Here, let us see the procedure for the Asus Rt-Ac3100 router setup.

Connect the router to modem

Your router must be connected to a modem in order to provide your local network with an Internet connection.

  • Take out the power cable provided with the router and connect it to a power source.
  • Connect the other end of the power cable to the router’s DC-IN port.
  • Connect your computer to your router's LAN port using a network cable. Make sure the LAN LED starts to blink.
  • Take another network cable to connect your modem to your router's WAN port.
  • After making the connections, turn on your modem, router, and computer.
  • Configure the router using Quick Internet Setup from Web GUI:
  • Launch your web browser, then type the router's default IP address ( or enter
  • On the login page, type the default username and password.
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Now you will have access to the Web GUI to configure various settings of your Asus wireless router.
  • If this is the first time, you will automatically be directed to the Quick Internet Setup page.
  • Once the QIS is launched, the router will automatically detect your internet connection type. When you are prompted, enter the required details.
  • Once the internet connection type has been set, you will be prompted to set up your wireless connection. Enter the required SSID and password.
  • Finally, click Finish to complete the setup of Asus RT-AC3100.

Connect to the wireless network

Once you have set up your wireless router through Quick Internet Setup, connect your computer or other devices to your router’s wireless network.

  • On your computer, click the network icon and see the available wireless networks.
  • Select the wireless network name and click Connect.
  • Type in the network password and then click OK.
  • Wait until the computer establishes a connection to the wireless network successfully. Finally finish the Asus Rt-Ac3100 router setup.