Asus RT-AC1200HP Router Setup - Brief Steps

Asus RT-AC1200HP is a wireless, high-power router. This stylish, ultra-thin router supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual bands. Using this router, you can experience unmatched wireless HD streaming. This router functions using the Asus Green Network technology and can save up to 70% power.Let’s now discuss how to perform the Asus RT-AC1200HP router setup in detail.

Asus rt-ac1200hp router Setup

Checking The Components

Open the router package and check if all the following components are available:

  • The Asus RT-AC1200HP wireless router
  • A power adapter
  • A network cable-RJ-45
  • The Warranty card
  • The Quick Start Guide

Checking the setup requirements:

If you wish to set up a wireless network, ensure that you have a computer that meets the requirements given here:

Setting up the router:

You can use either a wired or a wireless connection to set up your RT-AC1200HP wireless router. However, if you use a wired connection, you will be able to avoid possible router setup issues.

Let’s now discuss the wired connection, using which you can perform the Asus RT-AC1200HP router setup.

Wired Connection:

Wireless Connection:

Logging into the router’s Web GUI:

Step-1 :

Step-2 :

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