Asus RT-AC1200 Router Setup - Quick Steps

The Asus RT-AC1200 wireless router comes with a wide range of features and it is better suitable for large home office needs. This router is compatible with almost all the network standards, including IEEE 802.11b/g/n, IPv6, IPv4. It also supports two types of operation modes: wireless router mode and access point mode. Features offered by this router are parental control, enhanced media server, firewall, access control, encryption, and more.Scroll down this page to know how to perform the Asus RT-AC1200 router setup.

Asus rt-ac1200 router Setup

Initially, unpack the product box. Inside it, you can find the components mentioned below.

  • Asus RT-AC1200 wireless router
  • Network cable
  • Power adapter
  • Warranty card
  • Quick Asus RT-AC1200 Router Setup Start Guide

Before you begin the router setup, make sure that your computer meets the following requirements.

How To Setup The Asus RT-AC1200 Router?

Step 1: Placing The Router

Step 2: Connect The Router To Your Network

You can connect your Asus RT-AC1200 router to the network over a wired or wireless connection.

Method 1: Wired

Method 2: Wireless

Step 3: Configuring The Router Settings

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