Asus Router Limit Bandwidth Guest Network

Limit Guest Network Bandwidth On Asus Router

  • For Asus router limit bandwidth guest network follow the instructions given below. Launch the web browser on your computer.
  • Enter the IP address in the address bar to access your Asus router setup.
  • Enter your username and login. The Asus router setup page opens.
  • Select the Adaptive QOS from the general settings.
  • The QoS configuration page is available on the right.
  • Toggle ON the enable QOS switch. The QoS type has three options:
    • Adaptive QoS
    • Traditional QoS
    • Bandwidth Limiter
  • Select the Bandwidth Limiter radio button and click Apply.
  • The Client list page will open, showing you the list of clients and the respective download and upload bandwidth.
  • Select your target client for Asus router limit bandwidth guest network.
  • The IP range supports three formats
    • 192.168.1.*,
  • Fill in a bandwidth ranging from 2mb/s to 5mb/s in the download and upload bandwidth fields.
  • Click the add button on the extreme right to save the changes and click APPLY to perform Asus router limit bandwidth guest network.
asus router limit bandwidth guest network

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