Asus Router Ddns Not Working?

Asus Router Ddns Not Working?

In this section you will learn how to solve asus router ddns not working issue. The Asus router is one of the best wireless routers in today’s market. It comes equipped with advanced features like Broadcom chipsets, faster processors, removable antennas, USB ports, and more. Another one of the highlighting features of the Asus wireless router is DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System). This feature allows network clients to use a dynamic public IP address to connect their device to a wireless router through a registered domain name. To use the DDNS feature, you have to enable it on your Asus router settings. If you haven’t enabled it or the DDNS settings are misconfigured, then the Asus router’s DDNS will not work properly.

Steps To Troubleshoot Asus Router Ddns Not Working Issue:

  • Initially, check if the DDNS feature is enabled on your Asus router’s web-based settings. To check it, go to your router’s web access page. Click on the WAN option followed by DDNS. If the DDNS feature is not enabled, you need to enable it now and configure the domain name correctly. 
  • Next, make sure that you’re using IPv4 because the Asus wireless router’s DDNS service doesn’t support IPv6.
  • If the DDNS service is not working while accessing your home router from an outside network, then check whether the DDNS service registration is done correctly. To check and re-register the DDNS service on your Asus router (if necessary), follow the below instructions.
  • Enable the DDNS service. After doing it, check whether the domain name “” is registered. If not, register it now. In case a message saying “this domain name is already in use” is displayed on the screen, try using a different domain name.

Continue reading for more troubleshooting steps to fix asus router ddns not working problem.

  • Make sure that your Asus router is not using a private WAN IP address. 
  • If the router’s DDNS not working issue persists even after performing the above-mentioned troubleshooting instructions, then factory reset your router settings to their defaults. To do so, follow the below instructions. (Note: The following instructions explain the factory reset process using the router’s web GUI).
  • When you are within your router’s GUI, click on the Administration tab.
  • Select Restore > Save > Upload Setting > Restore > OK. Now, the factory reset process will be initiated. Once it is completed, your router will reboot automatically. Wait for the router to finish rebooting.
  • Now, check whether the asus router ddns not working issue is resolved. Contact us to get remote assistance in resolving the asus router problems.

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