ASUS Router Block Internet Access For Device

When you want to block a device from accessing the internet, the filtering options of the router can help you. Using the below methods block the devices from using your internet.Before starting the filter settings, follow these Asus router block internet access for device steps to access the router setup page.On the computer’s web browser, enter the IP address of the ASUS router and open the router’s login page. Type the Username and Password to enter the router’s configuration page.

Using MAC Address Filtering:

  • Each device on the network has a physical address, which is the MAC address.
  • Find the MAC address of a device that you want to block or else connect the device to your wireless network of the router.
  • On the router configuration page, click the Wireless menu on the left side panel.
  • Now, select the Wireless MAC Filter tab. following that, choose the band frequency if your router is a multi-band router
  • Click the Yes radio button for the Enable MAC Filter menu to turn on the MAC filter for Asus router block internet access for device.
  • If you have to block the device, then change the MAC Filter Mode to Reject from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, the different device names (MAC address) connected to the router network appears on the browser.
  • To add the device to the Mac Filter list, click the Plus symbol; otherwise, delete the device MAC address from the list.
  • When the device that has to be blocked is not connected to the router’s network, you have to manually type the MAC address of the device you want to block.
  • After adding the device, click the Apply button to save the filter settings.

Using Parental Control:

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