Complete Guide for Access Asus router

You can establish either a wired or wireless connection between the ASUS router and the device. For access Asus router, perform the steps provided below.

Asus Router Remote Access

  • Navigate to the Google Chrome web browser or other browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari for Asus router remote access.
  • Visit the ASUS login page by entering the IP address of the ASUS router.
  • When prompted, fill the Username and Password fields with the correct credentials.
  • Select the Administration option and then click the System tab for Asus router remote access.
  • Click Yes beside the Enable Web Access from WAN option.
  • Enter 8443 in the HTTPS Port of Web Access from the WAN field.
  • Hit the Apply button to save the settings for Asus router remote access.
access Asus router

Asus Router USB Drive Access

Access Asus Router in AP Mode

Cannot Access Asus Router

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