Issue: Arris Router Online Light Not On

Arris router online light not on

If the Online LED on the router is off, it indicates that there is an internet connection issue. To troubleshoot this Arris router online light not on problem, proceed with the easy instructions given on this web page.

Step 1

Check if the power cable is firmly connected between the Arris router and the power source. Note: If possible, do not use an outlet controlled by a wall switch for the connection.

Step 2


Check if you are using the correct Ethernet cable for establishing a connection between the Arris router and your computer.


Check if the Wi-Fi LED stays lit. If you have turned off Broadcast SSID, you need to enter the network name manually.

Step 3

  • Locate the Reset button on the rear side of the Telephone Gateway and press it.
  • Check if the Online LED problem on the Arris router has been resolved.
  • If it persists, you have to reset the Arris router to the default factory settings. To do this, carry out the instructions provided here.

Step 4

  • Most of the Arris routers have the Reset button at their rear.
  • If you cannot find the Reset button, refer to its User Guide manual.
  • Press the Reset button on the rear panel of the Arris router and hold it for 15 seconds. You can use sharp pointing objects such as a pen or paper clip for pressing the button.
  • Wait until the Arris router is reset to the factory default settings.
  • Alternatively, you can reset the Arris router using the web interface.
  • To do this, log in to the web-based setup page of the Arris router using its IP address, username, and password.
  • Navigate to Security, Utilities, or a similar one like this. The option may vary depending on your Arris router model.
  • Select Factory Reset or a similar option.
  • Restart the router and check if the Arris router online light not on problem has been resolved.

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