Access Zyxel Router Remotely

access zyxel router remotely

The Zyxel router’s remote management feature helps you access the router’s setup page from the web browser for access Zyxel router remotely. You can manage the router setting and configure it from a remote location on the setup page.

Continue Reading To Learn How To Access The Zyxel Router Remotely.

  • Connect a computer to the router network and launch a web browser on it.
  • Enter the router’s IP address in the address bar and visit the router’s login page to access Zyxel router remotely.
  • Now, input the Username and Password, and click Login to access the router’s setup page.
  • The default Username and Password are admin and 1234, respectively.
  • On the main page of the Zyxel router setup, select the Configuration menu and choose System.
  • Select the WWW option, after which you can see the management port settings.
  • If the management port is not the default port (443), you have to create a new management port.
  • For that, return to the Configuration menu and select Object.
  • Next, click the Service menu and then select the Add link.
  • Under Add Service Rule, enter the necessary information such as Name, IP Protocol, Starting Port, and Ending Port.
  • When the new service has been created successfully, again, go back to the Configuration menu.
  • Choose Object and then the Service menu.
  • Now, click the Service Group tab, search for “Default_Allow_WAN_To_ZyWALL” and click it.
  • Select the Edit button and check the management port value. If the port value is the default value, choose the right service object you created from the list.
  • You can find the right direction arrow symbol. Click on it to add the members to the list.
  • After that, go to the Status overview and check the WAN IP address of the router.
  • You can access Zyxel router remotely by entering the WAN IP address.

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