How to Access Linksys Router

You can access Linksys router web-based setup page using the default credentials if you have not changed your password yet. After logging into the Linksys router account, configure the settings. Find the user name and password from the Password list of your Linksys router.

Access Linksys WRT54G Router

Proceed with the steps mentioned below to access Linksys WRT54G router web page.

Configure Linksys Router as Access Point

Follow the guidelines mentioned below to configure Linksys router as access point.

  • Open Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and then type in the address bar.
  • Enter admin in the Password bar and then click OK to log into the Linksys router setup page.
  • Go to Router Settings and then select the connectivity option to access Linksys router.
  • Click the Internet Settings tab and select the Edit button at the bottom of the screen to configure Linksys router as access point.
  • Select the Bridge Mode option from the Connection Type drop-down menu.

Access Linksys Router Without Smart Wi-Fi

To access Linksys router without smart Wi-Fi, follow the guided instructions given below.

Access Linksys router

Can't Access Linksys Router Setup Page

The troubleshooting instructions given below will help you fix can't access Linksys router setup page issue.

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